• Data refresh
  • Fixes for fetching
  • Apple mobility data is now frozen (Apple stopped releasing mobility data on April 14th, 2022)
  • Breaking change: The apple_mobility data object’s layout has changed and it is now more compact. See docs for new variable names.
  • Data refresh
  • Data refresh
  • Breaking change: nchs_wss, the table of provisional death counts in the U.S. across a variety of units of observation, has had its race and ethnicity categories updated by the NCHS. The group column has been renamed race_ethnicity. A new column obs_unit indicates whether the results in a given row are tabulated by Total, by Year, or by Month.
  • Breaking change: covnat, the ECDC daily dataset, has been renamed to covnat_daily. Daily data reporting by the ECDC was discontinued on December 14th 2020 and so this table will no longer be updated.
  • A new dataset, covnat_weekly has been added. This is the ECDC’s replacement dataset. It gives weekly national data from the beginning of the pandemic to the present.

Breaking change: Removed individual-level NCHS data due to its large size. The plan is to provide more functions for the user to grab this and other data directly.

Breaking change: The google_mobility dataset is getting pretty big, causing longer load times and also installation failures in some settings, e.g. on RStudio Cloud instances. I have relocated it from this package to the new covmobility package. covmobility also contains the apple_mobility dataset. For now, apple_mobility is still in covdata as before, though this may change.

NCHS/CDC weekly mortality counts for 2014-2020 (useful for assessing excess deaths) are now included as nchs_wdc.

Breaking change: The index variable in the apple_mobility dataset is now named score. Under the hood, various tidyverse or tidyverse-adjacent tools such as tsibble and fable use the concept of an index variable in many functions. Often it is named as index internally. Having a column in the data actually named index can lead to strange and confusing errors.

Added the CDC’s patient-level public-use dataset, as nchs_pud

Added two tables adapted from the COVID tracking project:
- covus_race provides total reported cases and deaths by state and race - covus_ethnicity provides total reported cases and deaths by state and Hispanic status

See the COVID Tracking Project Page for more details on the source, scope, and limits of these counts.

Added two tables from the National Center for Health Statistics, one on death counts by sex, age and state; the other on state-level estimates of deaths by racial and ethnic group.

The pop_2018 column in covnat has been updated to 2019 population data and renamed pop. This is a breaking change for any code that used pop_2018 to calculate, e.g., per capita rates.