State-level data on optiate related deaths in the US, from the CDC Wonder database. Query details: Dataset is Multiple causes of death, 1999-2014; 2006 Urbanization; Autopsy, Gender, Place of Death, States, 10-year age groups, and Hisipanic Origin, Weekday, Year/Month set to ALL. Standard Population 2000 US Std Population. Default intercensal populations for years 2001-2009 except Infant age groups. Rates per 100,000 population. MCD ICD-10 Codes selected: T40.0 (Opium), T40.1 (Heroin), T40.2 (Other opioids), T40.3 (Methadone), T40.4 (Other synthetic narcotics), T40.6 (Other and unspecified narcotics). UCD - ICD-10 Codes selected: X40-X44, X60-X64, X85, Y10-Y14.



A tibble with 800 rows and 10 columns.


Centers for Disease Control CDC WONDER data


The variables are as follows:

  • year. Year

  • state. State name.

  • fips. State FIPS code.

  • deaths. Number of opiate-related deaths.

  • population. Population.

  • crude. Crude death rate.

  • adjusted. Adjusted death rate.

  • Standard error of Adjusted death rate.

  • region. Census region. (Stored as an ordered factor.)

  • abbr. Abbreviated state name.

  • division_name. Census Division. (Character.)