A dataset containing an extract from the General Social Survey. See http://gss.norc.org/Get-Documentation for full documentation of the variables. This data contains the same variables as `gss_sm`, but for all available years from 1972-2016.



A data frame with 62,366 rows and 26 variables.


National Opinion Research Center, http://gss.norc.org.


  • year. gss year for this respondent.

  • id. respondent id number.

  • ballot. ballot used for interview.

  • age. age of respondent.

  • degree. Rs highest degree.

  • race. race of respondent.

  • sex. respondent's sex.

  • siblings. Number of brothers and sisters (recoded from SIBS).

  • kids. Number of children (recoded from CHILDS).

  • bigregion. region of interview (recoded from REGION).

  • income16. total family income.

  • religion. rs religious preference (recoded from RELIGION)

  • marital. marital status.

  • padeg. fathers highest degree.

  • madeg. mothers highest degree.

  • partyid. political party affiliation.

  • polviews. think of self as liberal or conservative.

  • happy. general happiness.

  • partners_rc. how many sex partners r had in last year. (Recoded from PARTNERS)

  • grass. should marijuana be made legal.

  • zodiac. respondents astrological sign.

  • pres12. R's stated vote in the 2012 Presidential election

  • wtssall. weight variable.

  • vpsu. Sampling unit

  • vstrat. Stratification unit