State-level vote totals and shares for the 2016 US Presidential election. The variables are as follows:

  • state. State name.

  • st. State abbreviation.

  • fips. State FIPS code

  • total_vote. Total votes cast.

  • vote_margin. Winner's vote margin

  • winner. Winning candidate.

  • party. Winning party.

  • pct_margin. Winner's percentage margin (of total vote)

  • r_points. Percentage point difference between Trump share and Clinton

  • d_points. Percentage point difference between Clinton share and Trump

  • pct_clinton. Clinton vote share (

  • pct_trump. Trump vote share (

  • pct_johnson. Johnson vote share (

  • pct_other. Other vote share (

  • clinton_vote. Clinton vote total

  • trump_vote. Trump vote total

  • johnson_vote. Johnson vote total

  • other_vote. Other vote total

  • ev_dem. Electoral votes for Clinton

  • ev_rep. Electoral votes for Trump

  • ev_oth. Electoral votes for Other

  • census. Census region.



A (tibble) data frame with 51 rows and 22 variables.


Vote data from Dave Leip, US Election Atlas,