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A simple LaTeX template that I use for my Vita.

I regularly get requests from people who want to see the LaTeX markup that I use to generate my Curriculum Vitae. So, here it is. There are several latex style files and document classes available for CVs, which you can see on CTAN. While many are quite good, I find them a bit restrictive. So this file is quite minimal: it's just a template .tex file rather than a .sty or .cls file. You should adapt and fill in with your own information. If you make stylistic modifications, I encourage you to fork the project on GitHub and make them available to others in the same way.


The template uses xelatex in order to access good typefaces. Everything is set up via the style files contained in latex-custom-kjh. Remarks in the file show where to comment out or delete references to packages you may not use, notably vc.sty.


This is a template for a .tex document. Just compile it as normal with xelatex.


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