Kieran Healy

Some Custom LaTeX Layouts and Styles

This is a collection of so simple configuration files I use to typeset my papers. I use these in conjunction with the Emacs Starter Kit. It includes:

  • Some page layout styles for articles typeset using LaTeX and the Memoir class, with Chicago-style author-year refernces and bibliographies created using BibLaTeX, Biber and the BibLaTeX-Chicago package, with an option for presenting source code listings (from, e.g., Sweave files) using the Minted package and Pygments.
  • Two convenience style files for use with org-mode and the Emacs Starter Kit, using org-mode’s ability to export from .org to .tex. If you set up Emacs using my version of the Starter Kit, and you use org-mode, then you can use or files as templates for your articles. (These are in the /templates directory.) Using them, you can hit C-c C-e d to generate a PDF that uses the article styles in latex-custom and that is created via pdfLaTeX or XeLaTeX, as you prefer. The style files take options to turn on support for the minted code-listings package (both pdfLaTeX and XeLaTeX) and to use the Minion Pro package (pdfLaTeX).
  • A style file for typesetting Sweave output using the Listings package.
  • A replacement for using Sweave.sty when writing sweave documents in R/LaTeX (Sweavel.sty). This allows you to directly style output in Sweave files, rather than having to use the listings style file above.
  • A template for an Article, using the layouts & format files here.
  • A template for a Syllabus, using the layouts & format files here.
  • A template for a Letter (e.g., a letter of recommendation), incorporating an institutional letterhead. (This comes from an original by Ted Sider.)

To make use of these files you will need a modern TeX installation, such as MacTeX. The templates and styles variously require some or all of the following packages and applications:

Not all of these packages are needed to use each of the layouts. With the exception of Biber and Pygments, which you will need to download separately, all of the packages above are included in a modern TeX distribution like MacTeX.

Feel free to extend and improve as you like.


You can download this project in either zip or tar formats.

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$ git clone git://